Somehow I’m thinking bout the times when I really missed you
But I’m regretting the time when we made it official
Cause when we made it official it became artificial
I hope my art will fish you
I hope my thoughts release you
From this often awful issue
I know you tried to call sorry I couldn’t assist you
You’re talking to residuals of a catastrophic swindle
My catalogue resembles all the realness of my visual
Facts and all, clap, applaud at how that cap miniscule
Missed calls I won’t return to this individual
The loves abbreviated but I poured my heart out in full
And if you really hate it then you would’ve kept it simple
No strings attached, resend the message, ‘fore I get resentful
But when you do it, swear that pain just comes back at me tenfold
This ain’t what I was sent for
Premonitions prove that evolution is eventual
You get complacent, get replaced and now you’re always ventful
Like the ones who cheated us
And still have the privelege to be with us
Deceiveings preceeded us
Mislead the mischeveous
Defeated the devious
And deleted the previous
She Miss me being mysterious, said now I’m just tedious
She wants me all the time but doesn’t know what being needy is
Ive had my fair share of crazy bitches experience
Love is funny, turned most of yall into comedians
Hidden agendas made us believe in that love is hideous
Theory is
Real love really is
Given to the reflections we see in mirror images
Pressures of the priveleges, yea I know
Damn girl you got me acting like a psycho
Said you’re not my type but that was just a typo
Got my body heating, reason why I’m spitting Pyro
I keep it 1 ten that’s a hunnid and a rhino
Smoking all these rappers, I don’t even smoke tobacco
Trappers claim they’re talented while spitting like a tyro
Can’t be shouting mic smoke, while your punchlines micro
I do this with my eyes closed (do this with my eyes closed)
You keep on asking what a nigga’s really getting high for
While I wonder why you motherfuckers always fly low
If I don’t pick up just know I’m always on my phone
So please just leave a message right after thy tone
Let’s let bygones be bygones
{Outro} ×2
Traumas we ain’t gonna heal from
Call me, only if you need sumn
Karma doesn’t do no threesomes
Everybody gets a free one







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