PKAYZ — T.A.P — lyrics






Look into my eyes you see the fear in yours reflecting
Tell the new school cappers, spitting facts is more effective
The love could never match all of the hate that I’m detecting
I see a few beginners who are in need of an ending
Yall couldn’t last a second against the legends I’m defending
Solitude’s derived from my abstinence of pretending
They haven’t got thе message from the subs that wе’ve been sending
Watch out for agendas of the folks that you’re befriending
And all that other extra shit you shouldn’t give a fuck about
Words are actually lazy, that’s the reason why yall run your mouth
I just wanna add a couple’a zeros to my bank account
Relapsing at the same Damn place where I kicked the habit now
When the soil is realer than the nigga who was buried in it
For my 60 seconds imma prolly need like 30 minutes
Niggas say they with it but we know that they’re barely with it
Niggas say they winning but we know they ain’t really winning
Came through with the heavy bars that give you that scary feeeling
Check within the metaphors, skeletons that we’re revealing
Catalogue subliminal, it’s coming with that blurry meaning
Thought we’re gonna fight for it, but niggas are already kneeling
Chance of you outrapping me it’s one to like thirty million
Clean with the attacks but you know it’s a dirty killing
After this you capping if you say that you ain’t heard me spitting
Watch for the dagger on your back before they nearly fit it
Tomorrow ain’t promised
It’s time to pay homage
The game’s a dirty bitch, I pulled out and came on it
Just work on you cause you know how they think we hate knowledge
Your ship sinked mine didn’t, we had the same tonnage
Since when has the cappin and faking became common
Might be different rows but we in the same column
Just put respek on it cause my name you can’t tarnish
Don’t take shit serious, you know God’s a great comic
No need to fight each other when we got the same problem
Went the extra mile yall niggas haven’t gained milage
I just wanna gain dollars
Working on my future cause tomorrow ain’t promised
I do a fronting nigga dirty, he ain’t even on the soapies
Hit me with a «k», I don’t mind because I know Gs
Catch me in the section prolly chilling with the homies
Tomorrow Ain’t promised it’s time to get down on both knees, Ay
{Outro} ×3
It’s time to get down on both knees, ay







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