{verse 1}
Baby i am giving you my heart i hope you keep it safe
I just wanna fill you with my love cause you don’t need this hate
My gut tells me trust you i’m holding on to this leap of faith
I just wanna make you feel strongest in your weakest days
I’m just fascinated by your flaws and your deep mistakes
Love it when you show me all your scars as i heal this pain
Got me feeling like i’m on some drugs but you keep me sane
Hold me tighter when you give me hugs, so i can feel your heart beating babe
Woh, you give me butterflies, your pretty face
Makes my mind stop for a second, i don’t feel ashamed
I just let my heart take control in the speeding lane
If i crash then it was meant to be, i believe in fate







Girl you know i want it
Butterflies in my stomach
Got me going crazy
Girl i ain’t even fronting
Yes you are my baby
Girl, i know that you want it
Girl i got you cumming
Butterflies in your stomach
Got you going crazy girl
You ain’t even fronting
Yes i am your baby
Girl, you know that i want it







{verse 2}
Girl i guess you got me tripping a little
Want me to solve all your problems, i don’t even know em, this always feels like a riddle
Sometimes i feel like you’re just so in love with yourself and i just be caught in the middle
You said we’re out of control, our love’s in asylum so we do not have to be civil
(mcwah mcwah mcwah mcwah mcwah )
I wanna kiss on your nipple
Too much is lost between what i say and feel, girl it’s complicated but simple
Everytime that you just smile, i fall more in love, it must be your eyes and those dimples
I hear your voice and my heart rejoices hope that the choices we make won’t fickle
Tell me you love me the butterflies inside my tummy begin to just fly and they tickle
A drop of your love inside of my heart just always goes far and causes a ripple
Swear that this love it just keeps on growing i feel like i owe you more than i can give you
Treating your precious heart with love and care, i know that you’re strong but it’s brittle
Skinny lil missy, i hope that you miss me, i know that you love me but not more than vittle
Still i’mma love you and always fulfil all my promises and also all my acquittals
And never belittle you know that i’m feeling you, love when your hair is so long i can fiddle with it
Gave you my heart and you gave me yours and now i’m just glad i can live with it

{hook} ×2








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