PKAYZ — INTRO — lyrics






It ain’t much to it, I’m just tryna find a way
Grateful for the day as I roll another jay
Tomorrow ain’t promised so I focus on today
Morning conversations with myself where I always say








{Verse 1}
«Don’t forget you probably owe yourself everything
Don’t forget the world doesn’t owe you anything
Don’t forget they only keep you if they benefit
Only thing you need is family and your medicine»
I worry bout my mom a lot, I just hope she’s home safe
She taught me it’s very possible to make your own way
R.I.P to granny man heaven gained a strong angel
And I’m here to say the shit the rest don’t say so
Don’t bother if you don’t do it for the forefathers
You can’t son a nigga who grew up with no father
I go harder, everything is everything, a slow starter
Is sure to make you grow farther
No partner, that made me my own bully
They be telling blatant lies and they do it so trully
I ain’t never speak about the things that I don’t know fully
Will we ever make it out the hood? Dawg hopefully
Cause it’s an automatic fail if you never try
And it’s an automatic hell if you never die
It’s in stone we’ve been working for the parasites
Still stoned but searching for a paradise
Pictures of Mauririus
You know — God’s artifacts
Visioning the riches
Man you know there’s art in facts
But these niggas is melicious
So I’m just unattached
If that’s your meaning of ambitious
Then I want none of that







{Verse 2}
Even though it ain’t promised we got plans for tomorrow
Careful when you make it, they’re gon’ hate you at the tip top
Give em talent but they’ll want your soul ’til you’re solo
All that I done been through just in the name of hiphop
It’s competition nigga, ain no peer give you promo
Only lesson is to always fear what you don’t know
Tomorrow Ain’t promised so yesterday’ s a no-go
Today is all we have so make it count, that’s the motto
I don’t wanna grow old working pro bono
Fuck the system and those who control it, no homo
African Americans don’t wanna go home cause
The motherland is shown to be inferior in most photos
Nowadays most things are better left unsaid
It’s a world of liars where it’s easier to pretend
But unlike that world you’re living in within your head
Dreaming ain’t enough, outchea you work for it instead







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