SID Breaux — Outta State




SID Breaux — Outta State — lyrics





She wanna go outta state
Roll down the top in a race
Hate what I have on my waste
Stolo keep switching the plates







She wanna go outta state
Make sure to handle the pay
She wanna go outta state(x2)
I’m trynna carry the weight
I got a snap on the safe







Channel explosion propain
Watch out cuz we not the same
Remember my dawg split the chain
Had examine ramains
Imagine how long I felt the pain
Couldn’t have care in my face
Cuz I excepted the fate

Had put light on a delay







Taken control of the range
Pressin up on me you see the mood switch

They tried to talk Losing there voice
Aim for the neck with Streep

Search off the block who would thought
They would take off with our shit

Pain killers mortgage got stiff
Glocks hanging up on the fridge








Ahhh baby we gotta go
Ahh baby you on a roll
Ahh baby we wanna go
Shorty takes shots and she roll
Shorty takes shots and she rolls








All these funds on my wrist
Too much smoke like Abyss
Cross off the list
Pleasure don’t mix








Shorty you know how to hit
Said you hold like bitch

We never miss
Racks in the Lyft

Getting the fix aye
She hops in the whip






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