Cxrize — Affection

Cxrize — Affection — lyrics





(Verse 1)
Are you happy with your motives you been actin like your chosen
I evaporate these oceans with the way that I’ve been flowing
A fireball jutsu I’ve been bestowed with (huh)
So I’m coming in golden my aura never frozen
My karma is pretty holy
Have I mentioned that I’m godly
My enemies watch them falling
To Rest In Peace is their calling
I’ll never cease that’s a promise
That’s an oath not a goal
I rock pain thru these hoes
Wash my shame thru these holes
I’m a king I do I know
What the hell the fuck you know
Smash my ego to the floor
Come and open up this door
You’ll find wisdom
You’ll find bliss and everything that you’ve been wishin
We be California sippin on the road to inner riches
Bitch I’m gifted so uplifted
I found balance in my system
I found havoc in religion
Drown in fountains full of wishes
Finally finished the mission a bounty is what I’m feelin
The whole county gettin hit with that business


Yuh yuh
Yuh yuh





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