Tuker Lucy — Previously On

Tuker Lucy — Previously On — lyrics






Alright Tuk
It’s time to do this again
We need to go over a few things
Before we can get started


I know youre in this sleep, but
Just listen to me


You need to remember everything
That you went through


Remember where you started


Remember that anger


That spontaneity


Even when you are in the background
You shine
Remember that


You aren’t he same animal
You were thеn
Show them
You are an entirеly animal
Than you were before


And it’s not just your vices
That make you this way
They help you harness it
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


You use them
And you make this persona
This alias
And that alias
Allows you
To be who you truly are


And that’s you
Weird right
Being yourself


Even when everything is silent
You have your chance


Even when we fight
You’re always the better man


At the end of the day
No one can stop you
From getting where you need to be
It’s like
It’s your passion


Yeah that sounds about right
Time to wake up bucko
It’s time to get back to work






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