Tuker Lucy — Chi Barrage

Tuker Lucy — Chi Barrage — lyrics





Make that ass go


I can go wild this type of heat yo
Loaded up the clip, calibrate my pistol
I swear I won’t miss, I’m the goat at the free throw
Call me Nash, not Steve hoe


Big Daddy Cool Diesel
Pulling through
With the big boot
Train gon steam through
My competition like the Royal rumble
Break they back
Make em tap
Got em feeling humble


Give the fans more
Fresh of back from war
Feeling like a Spartan
Wipe ya brains from my sword
Prove I’m a king
Every time I record
I can pull numbers in droves
Like a horde


Imma a zombie mommy
Dеcapitate me
Eating any scenе
Serial mastication
Bash at the beach, like
I’m on vacation
With a full house
Of Mary Kate and Ashley’s


She want me to
Beat cheeks like
I’m her drummer boy
It’s elephante
The one they all adore
I got bitches from BMore
All the way to Singapore
Now I’m bout to give em work
Like a nigga was unemployed


Won’t you come and bounce that ass
For a real one
It’s some niggas in here hatin
You need to chill, son
Here’s the deal son
Unless you want a nerf war
With real guns
Or the hands from Wing-Chun


Back to shorty
And I must say
God damn
Face made for the gram
Ass is outta hand
Shorty a whole meal
And I’m just trynna taste the yams
So I whisper in her ear
All kinds of rap
She say she wanna keep it up
She an insomniac
And now we sitting here
Both laughing
So it’s on and crack
And I can tell by how she move
Imma finna break her back
And now she don’t know how to act
Off a taste of that, crazy


Shake not
Work not
Bounce not
Clap not
Shake not


Hey there
My fly young sista
Can by chance
Get a moment withcha
The way you move
And arch ya back
Bout to make me tuk it up


Ah damn
Here we go again
Like a auto play video
The waves just never end
No matter how you work it
I promise it won’t bend
Only thing we breaking
Is the bed


We can work it out
On the beam
Flipping like gymnastics
Nothing but gold wrappers
For our team
Know I mean
Put ya in submission
Taping out for the champion
Fucked up the flow
Never do that again
Never mind anything
You heard about me
Lucy come prepared
Fully armored
Imma king
I got the best wares
To steal ya underwear
Throw em up
And wave em
In the air like






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