Tuker Lucy — Slow dance

Tuker Lucy — Slow dance — lyrics





Face it
I don’t think I’m gonna make it
Putting my hands
Where yo waist is
Corrupting my soul, girl
I’m tainted
Mi amore
Possessive, and more
So much of you I enjoy
Mission accomplished
It’s time to deploy


Slow (down)
(We)can do this all night
Slow (dance)
With (me)
I could do this for life


We could solve all our problems
Without ever arguing
Why would you be oh so negative
When we touch it’s like medicine
It’s the one solid thing in this relationship
You’re my desire
My inspiration
All of your friends stay instigating
But they won’t run it back
Just like Walter Payton
Love is a strong word it means
When we slow dance
Girl I see lasers
Beam out a signal to the birds and the bees
Alone in this forest among all the trees
Planting new seeds
Passionate dreams
Of our castle
Just peach and her king
I’m greedy for thinking
That this type of feeling
Would bring me no meaning
Third eyes open, scene


I made you a promise
A promise to keep all my love for you
We make our exes feel uncomfortable
Everyone thought that we’d be dysfunctional
Our souls intertwined
Constantly proving them wrong
Dancing all night in the moonlight
It’s on
Slow the tempo
Make it last till the mourn


Slow (down)
(We)can do this all night
Slow (dance)
With (me)
I could do this for life


It’s like Fresh Prince with no Ja-wait
It’s like
Iman with no Teyana
The industry with no drama
Shid, it’s like
Michelle with no Obama
Bet, we make it out the basement
Our own bedroom
We don’t pay rent
We own it
We don’t pay shit
And it’s not even the main
It’s the vacation


Take you all over the world
Co-op this adventure
This sequel unfurls
Aiming for platinums
My Diamond
Your pearl
Fusion, confusion it starts
With a twirl
One like Stevani
Alone in this garden
There’s no walkthrough
These roads are uncharted
Feeling like Drake
Nothings the same
Do right and kill everything
That threatens our flame


They say
In a moments instance
The two
Were connected forever
Bound by their love
Bound by their passion
Some say
Forever doesn’t last forever
So who’s to say if they’re still together


(Face it)
I can’t keep going
We gotta slow down
(Pace it)
I don’t know what’s gotten into me
Entranced by your aura
You’re feeding me energy
(Taste it)
Corrupting my soul
Ready set go
Teach me your choreography
The pace and the tempo
Pulls it out of me


Slow (down)
(We)can do this all night
Slow (dance)
With (me)
I could do this for life






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