Ilyshower — Don’t try me




Ilyshower — Don’t try me — lyrics






Lil Jxck!

{Chorus x2: Ilyshower}
Boy wanna fight, don’t try me
Heard I fucking walk, with this check, no nike
Choppa make a pussy {?}
She said “don’t do it to em” {?}
Uh, heard a lil bitch wanna fight me
I’ma smack her with a fruit punch like Hi-C
All this damn gas might fuck up my psyche
Pack got me feeling Supreme, I’m a hype beast







{Verse 1: Sxdboynoah}
I’m a hype beast on my Gucci shit
I got yo bitch sending nudie pics
He talking shit but don’t know what we’ll do to him
Bricks up on bricks and you know that we moving them, uh
Give me my check or I’ll give you a hollow
Guy got some titties and ass like a model
She said she’d suck it, shawty better swallow
Fuck with me, pull up like it’s Grand Theft Auto
That lil bitch on some fake shit
Eyes real low, but lil bitch I’m an asian
Choppa on me, leave his ass on the pavement
Sipping this {?} till I’m moving in matrix, uh
This lil sipper ain’t tryna fuck with me
You want the triple, I’ll give you a buck fifty
Yo lil bitch in my bed and she sucking me
But I’m not letting her cuff on me, damn







{Verse 2: Lil Jxck}
Damn Lil Jxck, how you do it so nicely?
Future so bright and shiny that it’s blinding
I been offroading, like I’m drinking and driving
I’m piping yo grandma and mom at the same time, not lying
I got a new {?} it’s gonna roar like a lion
Review yo bitch pussy like my name is Ryan
I’m on the road, after drinking, I’m still driving
My gas, on the radio, it should be vibing
Don’t try me, if her pussy smell like fish, she’s a pisces
Don’t try to check me bitch you are not nike
Fuck a co-sign, one {?} a five piece
Bitch try me, shoulda never fucking tried me
Put a hollow in his jaw, and now he screaming Chinese
I been making bands and all these hoes tryna find me
But if they want Jxck, I’ma tell the hoes to find me, bitch









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