Jordan Owen — With Rage





Jordan Owen — With Rage — lyrics







Never knowing what to say
Real world drifting far away
Body always craving the key to the cage
Fading through the woodwork
A virgin with rage








All the world casts you aside
As if to sanction suicide
And they’re always reading a different page
A discarded memory
A virgin with rage
Across the world we watch again
A Freakshow full of worthless men
The species pushes weak ones out
And cares not when they scream and shout
With rage
With rage








The need consumes your very soul
Machines of flеsh beyond control
You lie and say that you want love
As if wе’d think you’re so above
With rage

With rage









Chewing up your souls
As the needing takes ahold
And until you get your way
And you fuck away your rage
You just shut your virgin eyes
And pretend you’re stupid cries
Mean that we should sympathize
When the whole world fills this pain
And they still don’t go insane
Because they know that wanting sex
Doesn’t mean that they’ve been hexed
It’s just a goddamn human need
It’s endemic to the breed
But to you it’s just a toy
And if sex is just a toy
Mommy gives you toys
Sex is just a toy
Mommy gives you toys
Sex is just a toy
Mommy gives you toys
Sex is just a toy
Mommy gives you toys
Sex is just a toy
Mommy gives you toys
Here you are a worldwide star
A creature ogled from afar
As if the purpose of your strife
Is showing how to fail at life
With rage

With rage








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