Tsigamore — The Marathon Continues

Tsigamore — The Marathon Continues — текст песни







Yeah, yeah, ah!




I told me that pastor pass me that holy water
He tried to give water, my bad, I meant the wine, huh
I know I be sinning but damn, give me some
Man I gotta toast to my wins and losses
And also pour me some for my dead brothers
I’m feeling kinda lost in this generation
All this social media and niggas tweeting
We used to confront’ now them niggas tweeting
And I’m like damn you niggas turned into bitches
We be outdoors and they be looking down
Eyes on their screens and they missing out
Ya people make me sick I might just cut off your network
I could tell they’re solid by the way they move
They on the same shit that’s why they never progress, ah








But it’s way different the way I maneuver
I’m on my own pace that’s why I’m never losing
Every verse I record has turned into a corpse
You probably think the song is dope but I’m just playing on it






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