DOM_of_DnD — B.A.Rs

DOM_of_DnD — B.A.Rs — текст песни





(Intro, spoken by Oversimplified)


So, you gotta be cool, man. It’s absolutely crucial that you say something to defuse the situation, right now. (Preposterous!)


I declare war…


(Verse 1)


To set my focus get a scope
That closes in on petty foes
A-W-P to snipe these hoes
Counter Strike them with microphones
Global Offenses I condone
Bomb is planted, that is my flow


Royce at 5’9’s how I rolls
Not tied in Lupe’s Fiasco
SLRs don’t tire or slow
Murk y’all with my Mclaren, though


I get your Mac’s Lethal
Using Tom MacDonald’s keyboard
Blabbing ’bout your channel, we know


Your moves are about as feeble
As a knight, take L’s, really shows
Who might get jumped, no feet though


Use Bolt action solo dolo
Know I’ll have a blast getting dome
Necrosis or living, get both


Now back to y’all in dumpsters
Y’all say it’s me that you’ll come for
Keep jerking off to that comfort
Cuz you can’t sit for shit, butthurt
Rap brought some good cats, some worse


(Interlude, spoken by Oversimplified)


And He’s kicking our ass!


(Verse 2)


Y’all emote and Don’t work
Too sober to turn a drunkard
Even if my words are all slurs
I meant enunciate curse words


If you’re mad I said faggot
Or retard, kill yourself, the casket
Is waiting for half you maggots


The other half’s target practice
Wage a war with just a Garand


Bolting with the action
Five shots at a time, I’m blasting


Vodka burnt to ashes
From the Pencil and the Napkin
To the stencils I be dragging
For kinfolk to copy cat and


Erase when I be rapping
So many countries scheme fast
Use Za Warudo on their planning
Breathe in, stop time, and do damage


You think I’m at my max?
I’m more like a Monaro, fam
Cuz all I’ve done is Holden back


Use MC’s Razor when I rap
With Splinter Faction, our whole clan
Been like Wu Tang, wave iron flags
Protect your neck, clap back
Without a need for helping hands


Kept it on Down Low at that
Like Russy on top of his craft
Shoutouts to him for the collabs
Mixes, supercuts and tracks


I’m Kendrick when damning
Those with DNA that’s wack
Or foes that speak the same bullcrap


You fuckers can’t tell me nothing
I’d rather die than give up with
Writing whatever the fuck is
Making a happier pundit


If Jamie Mellings writes a diss
Bring all the bullets that he wished


Cuz all They’ll turn affectionate
In short his shots’ll miss me, kid


Now back to my BS
Who really gives a shit
If they be Metamucil esque


When you’re flush with spitting clips
They’ll make as many threats they wish


Cuz they know that they’ll kiss a dick
Keep maturing putting out hits
Killing verses, deading a bitch
Like anyone around a chick
With syphilis inside her clit


My sig heils without a trigger
Cuz it never ate off Hitler’s
Tactics and I made bars quicker
Than half of these lame ass wiggers


Nostalgic like they witnessed
An era they never lived in


Who’s next up on my hitlist
My softest of skirmishes been
The hardest of wars you giveth


We all know that you’re livid
Over songs where I be wicked
Y’all gone brainless with the whinging
Cuz you can’t mind your business


(Outro, spoken by D.O.M & Oversimplified)


What the hell is going on here? This Corsican guy showed up outta nowhere, and he’s kicking our ass!
Oh, and if you don’t like it, don’t listen. This is just a friendly reminder…
We’re coming to take you down
To leave it lie if you don’t like it, alright?
I’d like to see you try
My God, we live in a world full of snowflakes







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