DOM_of_DnD — Napalm In The Morning

DOM_of_DnD — Napalm In The Morning — текст песни







Good Morning, DnD. We are here for your entertainment during this break




I got that napalm in the morning
Blow up hardest when I’m rolling
Bluntness I gots to condone if
Indo is how I bomb flows


I prop topless shit in shows
Like broads be off giving me dome
Cuz Skies don’t show my limit, though


I’m past getting my clout although
I’m hung up on the graphs that shows


Who listened to my raps
And How many done used my tracks
As fuel to let their time come pass
Like their plans been going South, and


Wherever they’re based at
Gotta target them likе a game plan
To get em all coming straight on back
With a Dyson using a bladе and
Over head, I be sealing fans


Said I need to keep my cool hence
My fridge is where I be chilling


Freudian is when Im slipping
If I need to get my feels in
These Urges I been conceiving
Been psycho whenever I’m feeding
The Immoral half of my being


Hence in the end appease Id
‘Till I begin winning fights


Take a life just to keep mine
Via stinging using beelines
Not the kind to follow a hive
Topple the dykes who kill my vibe






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