Cozycay — Stress2mess

Cozycay — Stress2mess — lyrics





{Intro: cozY}
I really feel like im giving up on this shit
All these fake fuckers surrounding me
I mean this is it (sigh)
This is the end
Not letting me be who i want to be


{Verse 1: cozY}
Like im so tired
So mother fuckin uninspired
Like im rewired
Somebody get my fucking lighter
What a danger
These fakers
Got me fucked up in my head, can’t sympathize with these strangers
Its sad im not who i used to be
I fucking hate u for what u fucking changed in me
All trust lost
At what cost
Just to make another enemy
Now its 4 in morning
I drink ’till i sleep, life is so damn boring
Gotta wake up, fill my cup, not enuff to figure out where i could be heading


{Verse 2: Shober}
Putting so much fucking stress on me dude i gotta work fucking 8 hours at work tomorrow bro fuck this shit bro
Everybody lookin at me like a narc
Imma rip em up like im a motherfuckin shark yeah
Grab a lighter then i go to spark
Pussy boy u ain’t goin nowhere far
Step into the back
There’s too many club lights, i can’t see
Wanna be so perfect picture
Then put it into 3d
Got prada shades to help me see
On the ac130 yeah


{Verse 3: Shober}
She said do you hate me
Yeah you know i do
She askin if i want her idk if i can choose
I guess not cuz i been busy carin bout the other things
While they give me all these problems they want me to lose
Liquor on the table
Smile like im maple
Pussy boy talkin down gotta cut the cable
Talkin on the mic luike i dont need a record label
Talkin hella shit but you’re mentally unstable


{Verse 4: cozY}
These people are insane
Like, you guys create problems
And then you’ll victimize yourselves
For the problems you just made
Even though there was no need for any fucking issues
Like what the fuck?
You guys are so weird
Why the fuck do you exist?






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