Muze Sikk — Rejoice

Muze Sikk — Rejoice — lyrics





I’m at loss for words
And every time I swerve into your love
I crash into your heartless ways


Chasing down another shot of bliss
Your aurora borealis
Always throw my balance astray


Do you believe
In harmony
Or do you wish that innocence was free
Sacred synchronicity
Me plus you


I bring out the worst in my baby
I love it
How naughty you get
I’m sowing the best of intentions
But honestly haven’t endeavored to split
We always arrive at a point where reality melts into sweat and spit
And this is to test out tumultuous waves
Sinking our relationship


I tend to Captain it
Never a skippеr
I go out my way but you never remеmber
I told you already
I’m here to deliver
Just name what you need
I’ll be there in a minute


And when I fall in your arms again
I only remember the words that you meant






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