Diggz Da Prophecy — Ballin

Diggz Da Prophecy — Ballin — lyrics





{verse 1}
Said i’m balling kuroko
Bitches talking about jumpers, i shoot like a phantom, i’m letting it go when i want to
Speaking of phantoms misdirect, i look at your soul and i haunt you
I be living the drive i ignite with that pass i’mma kick to my bro and we run through
I’m still in my zone, yea, you copy a clone, yea
You get killed on the spot, got no form, with shot i’m setting the tone, yea
I’m throwing up an alley, i’m keeping the score, no tally
Got that range, shintaro, i shoot from tomorrow, getting lit when we rally


{verse 2}
Uh, so fuck what you say, this a new gen
I can not stop till the crew win
I had to break in a few rims
Like i had to swerve in a new benz
They tryna block all my moves in
So i had to drop with a new spin
Now they gonna watch as i lose them
I throw up a shot as they lose wind
I got the eye and i got the vision
Can handle the rock and i cut on the pivot
Don’t fuck with my squad cause we on a mission
I’m doing my job, put me in position
You heard me, we mob, i know that you listen
I’m going too hard, but i’m in condition
I’m never a slob, more like a magician
It’s never been odd, i fight till we win it
I’m good on the block
They pulling them shots
Can cook if i’m hot
They shook and i’m not
How we look at the top?
We be booking the spot
A rookie who popped
They be looking to swap






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