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Art Morera — Without You — lyrics






I met her while makin’ paper
On it i wrote a love letter bout the girl i was one eyein’, breaker breaker
“she’s destined to be holding your heart in her hand and set your world on fire”
Just take my stapler
The town is so small regardless would park at, i might as well been her neighbor
Thought maybe if she knew i was nearby she’d feel safer
What do i say first
Then on the radio they played the song where j cole goes
“don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved”
Now it’s a cold world how the song replays
In my mind these day even had to throw away
The shirt i wore my heart on cuz the long sleeve stained
With pain no strong bleach can wash away
Her apartment looked down on me on laundry day
One night she walked out only wearing lingerie
The thoughts i had sitting on her couch i pray god forgave
I started to take her clothes off she was so soft
Lord if i die tonight let my ghost roam the halls
And the case go unsolved, dna on those walls and all
Hope it’s her name when i get a phone call
It’s been so long since we said so long
No i don’t wanna go on
Living in this world without you









How true is that quote the goat eminem wrote
To me a rhyme is only dope when it invokes hope
Like this one girl i know
Had her bad habits under control
Inhabiting somewhere remote
Lookin’ for work for the summer where the hummingbirds float
Bitch likes getting choked, havin’ cum in her throat
Rubbin’ blow, til her teeth numb, rum in her coke
But if she croaks i’ll get a ouija board and summon her soul
Any pain she could stomach though love hurt the most
Hate to see her suffer but you got what you deserve hoe
Wanted to tie the knot guess i didn’t learn the ropes
On borrowed time we must come to terms with being alone
If i could get back every moment i spent
She wouldn’t owe me a cent, who even knows where it went
Hit my phone up and vent, what else you gonna invent to change the world
This is dedicated to my favorite girl

It’s been so long since we said so long
No i don’t wanna go on
Living in this world without you









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