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Creepkido — Honeybuns — lyrics






I think i found the one
She’s so sweet, sweet as honeybuns
A single glance at her and it’s leaving me stunned
Mmmm, i think this girl, she’s got me falling in love
She’s a bundle of love, an interesting case
She’s got the smarts, the wit, and the pretty face
Mmmm, her beautiful smile is something i could never replace
Her smile’s as bright as sunshine in the morning
When she pulls down her mask and smirks, it’s cute and she knows it
Whеn we try and hold hands without our friends knowing
When shе’s flustered and the red on her face starts glowing
I wouldn’t settle for less
She set my bar so high, i’m sending less-than symbol 3 (<3)
Every night i hope she does the same for me
Man she’s always on my mind, she can live in there rent free
But i miss her, i miss her so much
I’m obsessed, i just wanna hug, some intimate touch
When you’re walking up close and you feel the slightest brush
It makes my heart do circles, i’ve got the biggest crush
She gives me energy, my personal caffeine
She’s got the whole course, my personal cuisine
(i mean cuisine of qualities, not the taste of you know..)
But i’d like to get in-between
If you know what i mean








I think i found the one
So sweet, sweet as honeybuns
Wake up every morning just to see my shining sun
Mmmm, i’ve never felt this type of love before
Her hands’ are so warm, it makes me feel whole
When we interlock those fingers it interlocks my soul
Without her in my life, it feels so cold
The moment i saw you, girl, i was sold
It’s only really been a year, there’s so much left to do
Every time i talk, i’m just loving something new
You were a flower, the best of the few
I’m just hoping that you believe it too
You’re way too beautiful, my eyes are drawn to you
My quiet world would be perfect with us two
And i’m starting to believe that this thing called love’s true
I’m just hoping that you believe it too








As gorgeous as a flower blooming in the dawn of spring
Standing out from the blades of grass, this single flower sings
Oh, could such a thing be so divine
A flower and a boy’s life intertwine
I tug at it so gently, while hoping there are no strings
I try to hold it so delicately, hoping not to sting
Oh, could such thing be so divine
Is it okay if i can call you mine?

Glad that’s over







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