Akolade — Fuck Lil Uzi





Akolade — Fuck Lil Uzi — lyrics






Uh, these are the only words that I’m using as adlibs
There are gonna be no more after this
So uhh… enjoy








{Verse 1}
Fuck Lil Uzi he built like a bitch
Fuck Adam fuck Quandale that fella a snitch
Wakin’ up early to go to the kitchen
Meet up with the homie CC now I’m switchin’








{Verse 2}
My flow up
You know Imma glow up
I’m high when I show up
And now imma blow up







{Verse 3}
I’m stackin’ up commas
I spit like a llama
Move to the Bahamas








{Verse 4}
CC got hit with a goofy ass knife
I’m still missin’ my… ex wife
She died in 1912 on the titanic
My money it spread all across the Atlantic








{Verse 5}
I’m walkin’ like CC I’m up in these streets
Pull up on my opps now they runnin’ from me
Ain’t no love where I’m at they all gunnin’ for mе
Fuck Lil Uzi that boy lookin funny








{Verse 6}
My weed from Ohio my diamonds south African
That boy really scary he look like an еnderman
That bar wasn’t racist I know how it sounds
Don’t worry I’m selling this coke by the pound







{Verse 7}
That bar about selling coke that was a lie
Fucked on your bitch no she wasn’t a guy
I only did it because I was high
But after that shit man I still wanna die








I don’t know whether or not I should be…
Proud of this or not
Umm, this shit was… terrible
But you know… fuck it







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