Logan Hughes — Lost in Thought About Something Horrid




Logan Hughes — Lost in Thought About Something Horrid — lyrics






I know that it hurts
And it’s a pain to see
I know everyone dies but not young
But nothing left me to sung
To me it should be done
My head hung
Taken lives towards the sun
More, more, more longer lives got taken
The people alive, shaken
New but old thoughts have awaken
It’s hard to think it would have been me
I think «what if i did?, what if i die young?»
Maybe it’s you, i know
It’s hard to think of the thought you were the one who took them away
Makes me want to sway away from the idea of mind
What if i know your kind?
I know i’m wrong but idea’s wrong to mе, you see?








I really wish i wasn’t me
Thinking of helping but not
Likе you standing there while they got shot in your house
Not to be rude but you could have saved them but
You just got them gone
Forever long
Got them gone
Forever long
Got them gone
Forever long
Got them gone

Moving to the chorus!









And i know-
And the worst is that
I think he looks like you enough to do
This like you
I don’t want to think this way
But it’s the only way to know who may
Save the day!








Please don’t think if me in a bad way now, i just want to say my mind
But understand i don’t think this you but he looks like you
I just wanted something to do
I don’t understand why, this rule should have been higher a long time ago
So, please just let me be
Stopped taking lives from me
Don’t look at me, i’m wrong what! but i just want too helpp!!
The one who saves the day
{?} so how much do you think this creature is- is capable of killing someone?
I was recording a song-







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