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AfroLegacy — All Might vs Saitama — lyrics






{Verse 1: All Might (AfroLegacy)}
Welcome to the end, you caught my attention
You didn’t bring a friend? You’ll make some new ones in detention
You can mock and you can walk, but you can’t get inside my head
I’m the Symbol of Peace, and you’ve just made your bed, yah
People know they’re safe because I’m racing to their aid
I’ll never play and I’m afraid that Shiggy’s got your will decayed
You battle for the victory, don’t care about the citizens
Count the people that I’ve savеd, oh wait, it’s in the millions
I’ve earnеd the top spot, yours? You can’t even get
Last I checked, not even S-class, that fact will make you fret
Getting worked up cause you aren’t noticed by your peers
See their faces turn to smiles when I’m saying: «I am here!»
{Verse 2: Saitama (Carter Sauce)}
Oh, hey, sorry, I didn’t see you there
I have to be honest, I don’t think this fight is very fair
I mean that was pretty neat, you really tried your best
But I don’t need a lesson since you’re not really a test
In fact I’d send you back to school, but it looks like there’s no need
It suits you from the beginning, U-ahole crushing kids dreams
After I break you down, they’ll call you the symbol of pieces
Sucker punch buttercup, you’ve just been dismissed for recess
All Might up all night, too bad his quirk don’t last long
Alright, let’s fight, but you’re like threat level yawn
I don’t need class S, I’m fine right where I’m at
I do this for fun, you’re out the picture, a true american dad









{Verse 3: All Might (AfroLegacy)}
My quirk didn’t last long? Wrong with that assumption
Multi-generation power doesn’t need an introduction
You think it’s all fun and games? You do this for a hobby?
Means you’re fine if death is on your hands, the ground you step on’s rocky, uh
I’m always pushing boundaries, I will break my body for the cause
Your sidekick gets the spotlight over you, who gets the main applause?
I would raise my fist, but a paw would be more lethal, damn
Claiming I’m a yawn? You’re getting bested by a Dog Man?
The fire may be going out, but I won’t lose this battle
Better bars, a stronger hero spirit, to me, you aren’t a hassle
Deku next to rule the castle, and you think that you’re a fighter
Say that with a straight face, another C tier Mugen Rider
{Verse 4: Saitama (Carter Sauce)}
That verse sounds like you bought it from a super sale
I’ll never End ever cause I’m lit, you’re a super fail
You’re always stalling cause you’re crap, you’re such a big talker
But you gave your power to a fanboy broccoli stalker?
I trained hard to earn this power, everyday exercise
This guy’s quirk is to go from skinny to plus ultra size
I won’t lie, everybody sighs, why? Because you are here!
All For One, but I’ll eat you up like three muskateers
Call me brave and the bald, call you an add for Colgate
Now I’m saving ’em all, you just save face while you fake
This ain’t work, I’m not paid, I just do this for fun
What’s my quirk? I end every line in One Punch










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