Wykax — Love Runs OuT

Wykax — Love Runs OuT — текст песни





What if our love runs out, out, out
Don’t wanna let you down
You know, uh
What if our love runs out (yeah)


Can’t help but think, what if
Fast forward five or six
Years and some change
We end up Mr. and Mrs. Smith
My baby with the shizz
Right now it’s perfect bliss
But what if one day I wake up and I don’t feel like this?
If I can’t trust you, feel disconnected and front you
I just realized, been a couple days since I fucked you
Something’s feelin’ strange
I don’t feel the same when I touch you
And I could feel the distance
I wonder if I still love you
For real, yeah


But what if our love runs out? (Yeah)
Yeah, what if our love runs out?
What if our love runs out, out, out?
Don’t wanna let you down
What if our love runs out?


Uh, can’t hеlp but think what if this love’s the perfеct gift?
‘Cause when I’m down on my lowest you come give me a lift
Let’s face our direction before we go adrift
‘Cause if it’s worth it, let’s work it, I’m down to run a risk
It’s feeling perfect for certain right now
But then again
If I lost you I never could be your friend again
Doubts creep up inside us if we both let ’em in
Unless we both never lettin’ that question enterin’






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