Yung Tax Collector — Cryin in da crib

Yung Tax Collector — Cryin in da crib — lyrics





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Hey, where’s rolo?


Cryin in the crib cause i dont have a dad
Even though i am sad i still hang out with my lads
I pull out the gat and shoot myself in the hat
Yuh yuh take a couple bullets at yo head
Yuh so you might end up dead
Yuh i got the strap with the beam
Let it scream i am mean
I get green i eat beans
You know what i mean ay
Im the bad guy in every argument
I can never get out of a predicament
To everyone around me i seem like a big hypocrite
You talk down to me but my patiеnce is limited ay
His song isnt funny it is very sеrious
When i make a little mistake everybody around me gets furious
No matter what i say im always wrong period
Pop a couple pills now its getting delirious ay
I may be retarded but i got a sense of humour
My girl stuck to me just like a tumor
Youll never be funny like your name is amy schumer
I get all the girls might pull up with yo tutor ay
No matter what you say about my music i like it
Might knock out yo teeth like mike tyson
Ive used that line before now im plagarisin
Might steal all yo health yuh just like siphon ay
Spittin fire like a match
Yo girl wanna attach
Stickin to the beat like a latch
Yo girl on my lap
You look lost you better get a map
I knock you out now your taking a nap
My songs not serious im kiddin
My lyrics be writtin
All of my songs are bangers yes im never missin
Yuh i might eat yo girl up like im cannibal
Kill yo family like my name is hannibal
Im with yo mama like my name is joe
You know that im always chillin with my bros
But but but butthole
Might just pull up with the arrow in the bow yea
Yes im cryin in the crib just like an infant
Im want my money right this instant
The money comin in just like its christmas
Im done rapping done so please just listen ay





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