Twisted Tower Dire — The Epic War Never Ends

Twisted Tower Dire — The Epic War Never Ends — lyrics





On a blood soaked battlefield
Before my eyes I see the bodies
Silhouettes that once were flesh
Devoured by our hungry war — onward!


Lightening from the wizard’s hands illuminates the horrid battle
The meek will soon be dead, they cannot clasp their swords for fear
Closing in to smother thee, we’re charging steadfast with our steal
Your king is down and all around a trail of bodies all you see


Numb, you cannot move, the horror heightens ever moment
Blood, a flowing river, washing out thе lies of honor
Now you cannot see, the mist hides mеn in agony
Fight until we when, the epic war never ends


There is no path you can take
Only death shall save your honor
One last gasp your body breaks
Triumphing we wave our banners on high


Lean and ragged sorry men struggle to survive our fury
Thunder bellows from above, the gods rejoice in our victory
Hammers, axes, swords ablaze, a mass of steel all you see
All meant to deliver death, succeeding on to history






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