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Drunk in the AM feel like I’m Hemingway
Galaxy’s popping with messages I don’t wanna read
Go in October in fucking camo and denim and mostly sober
I’m over it but these bitches don’t understand getting closure is hopeless
My zodiac’s gonna get me in trouble
I’m snapping like bubblegum
I don’t mean to be fucking passive
It happens
Love you more than I hate the way I react to shit
Swear to fuck I’m a pacifist
Guess it’s part of the package
Spotting trains and it doesn’t quite count as rain
But it’s soothing to all the veins in my faces the mirrors show mе
Feel like I’m 7 years older than last Octobеr
‘Cause Tinder ain’t on my phone anymore and my body’s killing me
My DNA loaded up with a heart disease
Maybe watching me while I sleep is gon’ sus out the fucking problem please
I’m out of touch I’ve been waking up circa 3 in the morning
It’s fucking up all my energy
I wanna shave off my hair again but it scares you
I’m sorta getting more careful I hope that it comes across
I never realized I’m selfish until this fall
But I think Imma flush the rest of the Xanax we blew together, shit
I’m terrified of my shadow
‘Cause I don’t like feeling small while I stand a foot above everyone at a concert venue
I’ve got a complex that makes it hard to be honest
I don’t wanna be alone with my thoughts ever again






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