Jorge Rivera-Herrans — The Horse and the Infant

Jorge Rivera-Herrans — The Horse and the Infant — Lyrics





Alright listen up tonight the Trojans will pay us in blood
The ten years that we spent here will all end here I’ve had enough
Think of your homes, think of your sons, think of the glorious men they’ll become
Think of your wives all alone in their beds, do what I say and you’ll see them again (Yes sir!)


Diomedes will lead the charge, Agamemnon will flank the guards
Meneleus will let our mates(?) through the gates to take the wholе city at large
Teucer(?) will shoot any ambush attack, and Littlе Ajax will stay back
Nestor! secure Helen and protect her! Neo! Avenge your father! Kill the brothers of Hector! (Yes sir!)


You must be cunning, you must be nimble, you must come running when I send the signal
You must be daring and brave to save your brothers, live another day
So who can go back from the war we fought, go back to the life we sought
Attack and take back from the men we’ve killed, a city’s gonna be sacked from the blood they spilled and still


I need you to surpass yourselves and ask yourselves what you love most of all
Cause tonight we fight and tonight Troy falls
So tell me what do you live for, what do you die for, what do you wish for, what do you fight for
What do you live for, what do you die for, what do you wish for, what do you fight for


Penelope, Penelope and Telemachus
I fight for us, I fight for us
(What do you live for) Penelope
(What do you die for) Telemachus
(What do you wish for) I’m on my way
(What do you fight for) Attack!


(Aaaaah) Who was that?
A vision of what is to come, can not be outrun, can only be dealt with right here and now
Tell me how
I don’t think you’re ready
A mission to kill someone’s son, a foe who won’t run, unlike anyone you have faced before
Tell me more, I know that I’m ready (I don’t think you’re ready)


It’s just an infant, it’s just a boy, what sort of imminent threat does he pose that I can not avoid
This is the son of none other than Troy’s very own prince Hector, know that he will grow from a boy to an avenger
One fueled with rage as you’re consumed with age, if you don’t end him now you’ll have no one left to save
You can say goodbye to Penelope, you can say goodbye to Penelope
I could raise him as my own, or send him far away from home, make sure his past is never known, I’d rather bleed for ya, down on my knees for ya, I’m begging please
(He will burn your house and throne, he’ll find you wherever you go, the gods will make it known, he’s bringing you down on your knees for ya, oh this is the will of the gods)
Please don’t make me do this, don’t make me do this
The blood on your hands is something you won’t lose, all you can choose is whose







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