Robert Clary — Lucky Pierre

Robert Clary — Lucky Pierre — lyrics





{GIRLS, Sung}
We’re awaiting the arrival of a brand new face in France
A figure of romance
Who has us in a trance


We hope that he’ll be pleased to see us waiting on the shore
For we are waiting for
The man that we adore


The {?} comes in view
Our senses start to reel
Mon Dieu and Sacrebleu
Here is our {?}


I’m sorry that I’m late
But I’ve been signing autographs since {?}


{Speaks French, if you know it feel free to edit it in!}
If you don’t know French it simply means that I love you
I love you all, {Speaks French}
If I was tall, I’d love you more


But since I’m not
Accept me as I am
And who can tell Mademoiselle
You may be My Madam!


{GIRL, Spoken}
Call me Madam!


Pardon me Monsieur
I’m from the Morning Star
It’s evident that you’re a man of fame


It’s also very clear
I should know how you are
But somehow I just can’t recall your name


What?! You don’t know who I am?


{GIRLS, Spoken}
What?! You don’t know who he is?


No, who is he?


Should I tell him?


{GIRLS, Spoken}


I’m the man of the hour, I’m the man of the year
I’m the fella who is {?} from here, to here, to here, to here
I’m the meaning of debonair
Who am I?
I’m Lucky Pierre!


I’m the man of the century, the man of the age
Why my name will be in history, on every single page
I’m the man who is always there
Who am I?
I’m Lucky Pierre!


I’m the boy
Mais oui oui!
What a joy
To be me!


If you think that I’m bragging, if you think that I boast
Just be quiet and you’ll hear them shout my name from coast to coast
And the echo is up in the air!
It’s a faire for Lucky Pierre!


At the banks of the Hudson, at the banks of the Niles
Just repeat my name and Voilà!, you get service with a smile
From {?} to {?} Square
{?} with Lucky Pierre




{GIRLS, Sung}
He’s the bee
We’re the flower


Busy bee!


{GIRLS, Sung}
Lucky flower!


I’m the man of the hour, I’m the man of the year
I’m the man that every living husband has the right to fear!
{Speaks French}
C’est la vie! Mon ami! Sing again!


{GIRLS, Spoken}


Who am I?
I’m Lucky Pierre!






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