Nikita Lev — Innocence

Nikita Lev — Innocence — lyrics





I hear my voice distorted through the phone: I love you but I have to go
I hear you saying back to me: I love you, please don’t leave


But we’ll keep talking it over
It’ll go on forever
Nothing will ever be right


Now I’m saying it’s your fault
‘Cause how could it not be your fault
You started the fight


And I bite my tongue and hold back my pride to protect yours
The alleged blows where i held up my hands to deflect yours
We never saw a break
So I moved far away


I gave you everything but my pride
Did you care enough to let me die
I remember thinking this is a chess game
10 steps ahead to avoid the blame


Now it’s a circus
A vile fucking a circus
I have to endure


Did you think it’d be easy
As manipulating feelings
You have been warned
When it rains it pours


You know I still have the scars where you burnt me
You know you can have those parts of my body
They accuse me of things that i know that you did
Like my mind you gaslighted the words are twisted
It hasn’t gone far enough
Not nearly enough


My drama, my pain, my hurt for your gain
What are you trying to do
I know it hurts too much to get worse
Once I loved you
Torn apart by the press, loved by the masses
Can you see the difference
Money can’t buy your innocence





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