Lil Jorck — SHATTERED — lyrics






Oh break me
My thoughts have haunted me lately
Im slowly going crazy
My heart can never save me
I still follow this bad road
Im still stuck in the same place
Don’t need help, give me some space
Full of rage, just look at my face
Fuck this bitch, imma kill the game
Right now I’m going insane
With this pain inside my chest
Im full of rage, Im so broken in pieces
I never show my pain
Fuck the fame, I try to kill the deep inside me
Im so alone because everybody hurt mе
I hate myself becausе I be always the good guy
But they killed the good inside me, the good inside me
The good inside me
Im not okay, please take me
There’s no hope, Im so lost
All the memories are gone, are gone, are gone
I’m dying alone
Can you take my pain away, away, away
I just wanna feel okay
But the thoughts in my head
Telling me it’s over
I’m alive but im dead
I just wanna leave this place right now









{Verse 2 — Lil Jorck}
Devil on my shoulder
Keep that .40 on my holster
Pray that this will soon be over
Everyday im getting colder, shit
Sirens ringing out the window
I feel like im dreaming
I don’t wanna end like this
Im searching for a meaning
Lost my way of thinking
Why my feelings went so blank?
I might be falling
I just need a way to numb the pain
And burn away all my regrets
And forget the fucking past
Promise that I’ll do my best
To get away from all the stress
*Please dont fuck with me
You dont wanna feel the pain
Imma get it on my own
I don’t feel the same
What you say dont mean shit
Keep your mouth closed
All this money keep on falling
All I see is gold*
Send that pussy to his grave, to the next life
All these hoes bow down to me like im Jesus Christ
All they saw was blood, best believe it’s not mine
Ain’t got time to fucking waste, I do another line








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