Iam_Flexx — We Want Smoke!

Iam_Flexx — We Want Smoke! — lyrics





We want smoke what’s up
We want smoke what’s up
We want smoke what’s up
We want smoke what’s up


Said he want smoke with us
He want smoke with us
He want smoke with us


Cause she wan fuck with us
No he can’t smoke with us


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Das how i laugh when shxt get negative
Im filled with good vibes do not disturb i can get reckless
I give this shxt my all your boi got talent en i know it
I ain’t scared to show it
Das what keeps me going


I said i said
Nigga skyf-young swill been finna smoke
En i need cup that hella dirty like my fucken lungs
Don’t need a gun god be my protection i dont fear no one
I cannot run i got to face my fears that shxt is probably fun


Uh uhuhuh
Das how i break her back
Eat it like a dawg en make it squirt garenteed she coming back
Cut my tie with all my bitches me and them can not relapse
Living my life to the max
Ball out once i get the beg


I’m too fucked up
To be fucken doing math
I ain’t full but i just ate
Cuchi and that bitch was bad 8
Like frenchman olivier #12 best striker on the field
I just keep on winning oh you hate how swilla just prevail


Who want smoke with me
Who want smoke with me
Who want smoke with me
Who want smoke with me


They on my dick like drop that song they been annoying me
Think i need a pistol glock 19 cause niggas plot on me
444 tat on my wrist cause this what i bleed
Hellcat need a hellcat juss to do the dash


Never been no fucking bitch nigga ain’t no hoe in me
Know that nigga hanging with the rats that nigga told on me
I been in the kitchen whippin pots i got the recipe
Who want smoke with me best know i’m crazy i be wildin out


Uh uh uh uh uh uh
Wtf is that
Fa fa fa fa fa fa
Silencer on the glock


Uh uh uh uh uh uh
Wtf is that
Shh shh shh shh shh shh
Who want smoke with me


1 2 3 stripes all adidas on the boy
4 4 4 my religion till i fucking die
5 6 7 8 if he dissin leave him in the sky
9 10 11 we don’t fuck with 12 got mobties


Who want smoke
Who want smoke with me
Who want smoke with me
Who want smoke with me
Who want smoke with me


I had too much smoke i prolly over heat
No such thing as too much smoke for me
Who want smoke with me
The way i hop on the beat gon make you notice me
When i spit i make sure that you notice me


Um prolly better than «who you so to speak»
God’s blessings pourin over me
No record label owning me
School yo ass on some poetry


You get mediated socially
I wouldn’t also go toe to toe with me
Nothing else but god controlling me
You want smoke with me
You still want smoke with me
Well i be countin


1 2 3 4 hits made in a day bro
5 6 7 8 rappers on my dinner plate
9 10 11 feds prolly take 12 hours just to save the day
If i see an opp roaming in my hood prolly bang em buh you know um straight


Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Who the fuck is that
Niggas be way too forward we on full attack
Ah ah ah ah
If that nigga snitch we finna stump his ass
Pa pa pa pa pa
When i stump his ass






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