Dossy — I swing my dick in a figure 8




Dossy — I swing my dick in a figure 8 — lyrics






{verse 1: dossy}
Yo, i be swingin’ my dick
It’s in the shape of a figure 8 bitch
And i don’t got no kinks, like ok, i like piss
And i will fuck your mum because i like fat chicks
The way that i rap on the track
Make yo bitches throw back
And i slap on they ass
While they pass that gas
I’ma pass that class
Then pass those blunts then we smoke that gas
Like bitch we be smoking the pipe, while i’m piping
I’m wiping my ass, while i’m typing, to typing to
Wafed, and we talking about how we making all these songs
In the shape of an 8 we be swinging our dongs







{verse 2: wafed}
Sucking his dick and i’m fucking his face
And i’m blowing his back to the beat of the bass
All of the old mеn really wanna fuck on wafed
Hide thеir dick in my hole to make sure it is safe
Put it in, he farted, he actin’ retarded
Maybe ’cause he is, but i only just started
I’m never stoppin’ make his ass want mercy
I’m fuckin’ on thomas and fuckin’ on percy
Moan they go choo-choo, fill ’em with my fuel
Like ghostbusters i bust them with my goo
I fucked the marshmello his ass looked puffy
Goin’ ape shit, i’m not monkey d. luffy
No luffy, your bitch look hella scruffy, ayy
She scruffy, might fuck her, she likes a toughie, ayy










{verse 3: jimbo}
8 figure bitches i’m talking about their weight
When they be dropping down the panties doss’ dick will go inflate
Got them balls full of helium make his dick go fucking up
When i’m chilling in the club and the bitches show their cups
Cause i got my dick out, balls out
Many bitches can’t count
Forgot to take my meds and they pulling off their skin now
And i’m swinging my dick in the shape of an eight
Where are the bitches? i cannot locate






{verse 4: dossy}
Bitch i feel sick but this shit gon be sicker
She send me a nude but it’s covered by stickers
I cum on her dress and it’s covered in glitter
I got my damn foreskin stuck in the zipper
It pulled it off, now i’m circumcised
I cum in her pussy, eggs fertilised
I don’t want no kids, bitch get spermicide
It was damn twins, double homicide
Killing the babies
Yo bitch call me baby
She foam at the mouth like that bitch has got rabies
Under my skin like i just done got scabies
I go for the men, cause i don’t pull no ladies
I’m rapping like devon stick
Bitch i won’t end this shit
Me and wafed on a date bitch it’s candlelit
Slapping her ass wit a muhfuckin’ sandal bitch
Killing the beat bitch can you fucking handle it?









{verse 5: dossy}Yo, bitch swing on my dick
She giving me lap and i’m giving her kids
While i’m rappin’, i’m grabbin’ ya balls, holy shit
I give ya bitch dick, while her ass getting piped down
Wiped out, thinking of a bar, so i write down
Saw ya bitch on tinder, now she giving me a like now
Pull up to her place and then she pulling off that white gown
It’s her wedding dress, now yo heart getting striked down
And a gay guy allergic to nuts, that’s unfortunate
Suckin all dicks in the gay butt sex tournament
Wafed hella fat like that dude is so corpulent
Bitches are objects like muhfuckin’ ornaments
Yo mom bent me over and she hit me from the back
And that bitch got a dick, so we don’t need a strap
Unless we pull up to yo crib, yo mama throwing back
Anything i say in this song is fucking cap bitch uh









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