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I keep the show n lights on like a dollar store vegas (indeed)
Cigarettes i smoke on mixed with veggie letteuce (dat weed)
In n out of savings money made like medeus i mean im mean with the means i could run a whole team
Pockets listerine the way im clearin my pallet (indeed) im keen to keep my cuticles clean thr dirty money badder habits
Been the motive
Clean the cavities
Im always flossin
Sacrifice it all like life was ramadan
Havеn’t ate in days momma pray i dont go off the walls
My appetitе on -20
When i go thru withdrawals
So what the fuck is up?
What the fuck is up?
Cristal in my cup
Turn the heat up
We could ween the smut out
Cook it like reduction
Bitch we on the cusp now
We dont need no fucked shit
Cristal in my cup its gotten costlier to function
It might be time to jump out








High time i popped out with it
I might find out that i got limits
I jus find the wall then i push against
Like i pushed a thumb in lifes rear end
Ace ventura fits like a glove
Like i love a dub i love a win
Need a pretty bitch that love givin rim
Run it back there ain’t a single word that i stumbled on it ain’t no stumblin
My will is stronger than my smoke i been
Brushin and flossin
My flow has been clean as the water from faucet
Send it to mixer i treat him like brita
He take out the toxins
Im leavin the show on im leavin the lights im still barely livin its highly ironic








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