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Yo I found this old verse from like ’08, I wrote it back home in Melbourne
Let’s see if it still goes


Oh no, it can’t be
Soul music, The Movement Family
Used to be we actually listened to cats, please
Now we taking over Melbourne as quick as the Grand Prix
A habit to smash records including the landspeed
The Fam on the rise, the track it would pack yeast
Eyes wide like the kid, he done had E
Grand visions so vivid, it’s happening last week
Eh, trust me mayne, the team ain’t playin’
On point so they talkin’ like we cheat, damn
You got heat? Blam, stop lyin’
It’s like we the only clique in music you can rely on
I told N-O, ‘Turn up the volume!’
Big Cee and the Fam, we about to be a problem
We got labels in Florida tryina sign us
Just a little bait for the haters to get to wildin’
Oh so connected, we is
And catch up muhfuckas coz the future is here and yeah
We got it all so you know what the business is
Fuck an award, y’all already know who the winners is






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