Bluxxi — Don’t Lie

Bluxxi — Don’t Lie — lyrics






{First Half}
One two, let’s go raw
Together, boujee boujee, go rough
When i want you, let’s come through
My baby girl, i wish you here, no lie
Make we meet so we go do am tonight
Cause i really really miss it so much
You said i kiss too much
You are the angel of my life
But can’t say, but i like your nipple size
Sometimes, i feel better than your guy
Will you dance too?
Make we dance for two
Love disease, but I’ve got the cure
Will you skip back and repeat my song?
Baby girl, will it comfort you?
And i wanna take you everywhere (gan gan)
Make we tour the world in just a day (oh no)
Some type of feel that only me understand
If it’s not with you, then i no do no more
(Na lie)
Guess I missed you more
You don’t believe me, oh my
When I’m with you girl, i feel alright
For real


If you wanna hold me
Come my home, nuh scold me
B, please be on time my girl i calling
And she will be leaving very soon, noon or the morning
Let’s make it fast but i don’t wanna hurry


Girl no pretence
Girl no pretence
Baby baby, don’t lie
She tell me «Blu don’t leave»
But gyal later say she nuh want me d


When you whyne it slowly, girl i love it
Babe please don’t lie
Don’t lie
Ye, whyne it slowly girl, i love it
Baby, babygirl don’t lie
Slow whyne


{Second Half}
Baby, in my eye
I don’t wanna leave, gimme sign
Make it up to you, gimme time
Girl tell me things, don’t you shy
Whyne your body
I feel lucky
Bend your body
Love that baby
I’m so horny
I want it
Almost cumming


The way whyne it slowly, i know you want me baby
Baby please please don’t lie
Don’t lie
The way you move it on me, girl i want it
Babygirl please please slow whyne
Slow whyne


You’re the angel of my life
Without you girl I can’t survive
Me ah fi give it to yuh, gwarn like dis
If you ah fi give it me, make i gwarn like dis
You’re the angel of my life
Without you girl I can’t survive
Never seen a shawty so fine like this
If no be my baby, make dem pass like this


Baby be mine
Leave your boy and be mine
You love me girl, don’t lie
And i want you all the time
Baby would you come my side
Baby would you baby would you come my side
Girl i need it all the time
All the time






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