Young Milli — New Day

Young Milli — New Day — lyrics





Ok i’m waking up
Young nigga asking for some food
I give that raw uncut
You gon have to get swole
Nigga ’bout to press his luck
Oh he gon live today
Just shoot him in the gut
Oh that shit was fucked up
Smoke weed an i’m ok
You talkin’ bout gassing niggas
I’m a bring that propane
Pay him no mind he was a no name
I don’t give a fuck about these niggas
And i take time when i smoke swishers
Hold on
These niggas on bullshit
Better hold on its a slip an slide
Pray to lord you take my hand
Just understand i’m gonna lie
Real ass nigga from chicago
Darkness here it follows
And unfortunately
It got into my mixtape
Lowkey it taste great
Quote on quote nigga fuck jakes
And i tell my lil niggas please don’t go to missouri
Cause i’ll lose my shit kill an be in front of jury
And i know that won’t end well
Cause they judging niggas like jewelry
Young milli nigga i’m a jewel thief
No diamonds though i want your soul
If you take one more step you will fall geronimo
Relentless is my drive and i won’t stop
Till i get a pot o gold
I don’t even sleep no mo’
But when i do it’s scary
Civilian in your eyes
But my mentals military
That’s your bae right there
Ooh that’s my secondary
I find a way to bend the rules
Then apply them daily
Shout out neako bailey
R.i.p to berry
Man i’m heartless like a motherfucker
You cannot tell me shit
Just kidding i’m super humble
Everybody wanna be a king but nobody wanna come to the jungle
Take your pick while on the line remember hells low you might stumble like
Nigga i’m faded
Nigga i’m faded
My right is my left an my left is my right
Nigga what am i saying
I wake up and i start baking
Drink lean stay hydrated
Inside your mind disintegration
Acid rain now you fucking wasted
I’m above that high in the spaceship
Y’all niggas is too basic
I don’t wanna hear none of that
Y’all niggas like thunders cats
Too concerned about yo motherfuckin’ clothes
Bitches niggas like you
Need to get disposed
Ok let me fucking calm down
If you keep on talking shit i will blow up yo compound
Nigga this a new day
Turn that smile into a frown
Ya i know hells low
But i won’t throw you down
I’m a show you that pathway
No money made that’s a bad day
These niggas man they mad gay
Fuck ’em
If i had one wish i’d blow this world up like its nothing
Yeah i’m always smokin’ something
Body bags i’m stuffin’
I don’t want yo money i just want my nigga back
But since that ain’t the fact i’m a confiscate your stacks
Leave you broke to be exact
Cause once you see what’s in my head
You gon wish you gave bread motherfucker i am
Ruthless like a motherfucker
Yes nigga i’ll shoot your mother
Wait for you ‘come for revenge
Then slice yo neck like sum fuckin’ rubber
Get your bitch to come cook me supper
I stay hungry
Life can be ugly
When you ain’t got money
I ain’t laughing at these niggas and they damn clowns
I will not stop killing until i get the damn crown
Y’all niggas done fucked up
I’m the wrong nigga to be pissing off like what’s ups
Gun tucked
Yes nigga i’m






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