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{verse: tony}
See i was influenced by dragon ball and rap
Walk through this damn world of pain
And wait for fate to lead me where the hell or who the fuck i have to be
They’re be putting their ideas, and want you to be rich be a gates or zuckerberg
I just want to be me, a regular tony the same dude in love with dragon ball, and
Girls are like how in the hell is a grown-up still watching dragon ball? till you show me where it says dragon ball is for kids i am glued to it like a drug addict
Woke up at 3 am and watch that anime it’s a flashback to my childhood memories i was so innocent i thought the moon was following me, wherever i go
I know what the fuck is a condom
Have to make amends for my sins like vegeta
Whenever i sleep i hear the sound of frieza and in the morning
I write bars like how goku trains
They say geography decides your fate
I understand why some of us are above the rest of the world but that doesn’t mean you have the right to shit on anybody
You see we were made into one kind, into mankind and shit is too bad with nazi ideas spread across the globe
Billy thought the earth was flat until i said across the globe. an example of how geography decides your fate is found in all of us
It’s too bad i couldn’t be an astronaut but i am grateful for the one i have, i can still look at the stars at night, and will see them close the day death will take me
Why the hell are you doing rap that shit doesn’t take you anywhere?
Who told you i was doing it for fame or money?
When you have a love for something you are addicted to it, but i don’t let my addiction separate me from believing in what is to come next







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