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Thor. KS — Falling In — lyrics






My lachrymal eyes, they lay tenebrous
Yet impuissant, rendered different
As my song lies in solitude
Some sing it, some call it servitude
Call me shrewd, I think that I’m at peace
Sick though true, I’m a different breed
Fortitude, in my mind for lease
Interlude for the one that’s clad ragged
If you stick to the plan I’ll be no less jagged
And if you listen up real close, you’re not ready for what’s happening
Uh, what’s crackin’?
Switching up thе flow and I’m going beastmode, free-throws
Sick in the hеad but I’m spitting clean though, threefold
Thinking I was gone but I’ve been rogue, vetoed
Discordant, the horde of horrors
Sick chords, case of laryngitis (Huh?)
Go for it, head forth through mirrors
New chorus, by the devil inside us (What?)







{Hook} (x2)
I’ve been waiting
Time and time again
Trying to comprehend
What’s everchanging
Seems like forever since
We were pacing
Ourselves from falling in









Ourselves from falling in
Ourselves from falling in
Ourselves from falling in
Ourselves from falling in








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