Sha Da Wondah — For You

Sha Da Wondah — For You — текст песни






Verse 1:
Im on fire
Mr. Tuck n roll
On my fuck it flow
You ain’t never seein’ me
Fuckin’ go this fuckin nuts before
Got my own now ian ever
Been this fucking comfortable
Cuz one thing about these problems
Is they Always come and go
And don’t I know it
Summertime is on the way
Be afraid
Cuz im coming with that fire
Finna set yo truck ablaze
They amazed niggas hate
But I ain’t fazed
Time to eat lemme say my grace
Time for me to accept my place
Every little step I take


No nеw edition been trippin
Something been missin what is it
That got my ass so insecurе
We steady fallin victims to these
Decisions I Know you ain’t feeling
But im just making sure
N if these hard times fall down
On both of us
Just know that can’t no one
Come close to us
So putcha game face on baby
Focus up n
We’ll have yall we want n more


Im sayin doin worry
Cuz I do this shit for you
And we’ll be alright


Verse 2:
I put my city on my back
Every track thats a fucking fact
Wait til I get racks n I give back
They won’t know how to act
Yeah gone had and clap
For a Nigga like me
From highland park down to JD
From the west end into the east
Mane can’t nobody ever do it like we
And so I do this shit for you
This is true
Tryna staple in my city
Issa lock gorilla glue
And tho At times I feel you wrong
Ain’t nothing we can’t make it thru
If this shit ain’t love for my city
Why I feel like well you get it











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