Sain — Emotions

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We all receive blessings
Especially on christmas
It just requires us to see
With some little acceptance


The bible is a dome
That uplifts any view that’s vivid
Every time i fall asleep its like my soul goes on a mission
It’s like my spoon is over floating with battles that are never ending
Really wish i could have a conversation with him in person
Speak on a few things and hope he answers all my questions
Nightmares keep all piling up from every direction


The pеople dwelling in darkness havе seen the great light
Living with a purpose creating a stone to kill time
Mountains are the covering casts of all people
Dignity is dignity
Rich or poor we all equal


Righteousness and love is what i chose to pursue
The art is evidence from all the different songs that i do
There’s nothing more to the truth
That you are diving into
Sometimes it’s not the other person
But the problem is you


By age of 18 i thought so many things were gonna come
Just by judging from what other rappers accomplished and done
Guess i was wrong
Heart aching what the fuck is going on?
Was never happy for my prom
Physically there
Mentally gone


See all i ever wanted was to give my town hope
Industry gimmicks in my way making it hard for me to blow


But i never bitched about it
Had to find my way around it
Right now i’m in the process
Of just being a better artist


I killed an addiction for lean
God i just wanna be clean
Trapped in a system where black
People are just a bunch of things


I , hope you get your fair share of success in this life thing
Prosperity and light any dream you get yourself in
Some wish they had the opportunity but couldn’t get it
Cause reality came in the way and cut them short from living


Jealousy could be the death of any dream that’s about to shine p
You not leading by example if you sucking up the lies
We done seen em come and blow
Now we see them passing by
Like what happened to that guy
He was the realist man alive


Witnesses will be around as you proceed
With your confessions
You cannot intend on doing on wrong
And than pray for forgiveness
There are consequences to this
If you fall for every gimmick
Driven by ambition ”
Stuck to what i do from the beginning


C. o . v . i d 19
I wonder what is this about
Is the population big they really want to
Clean us out
Or god is in tears ,all his people disappeared
Now we worshiping the devil
On the way we left me out


What is it we gotta do?
Cause i’m really kinda confused
Now i’m hoping that this doesn’t get to my family too
On my life, i try and i’d die for what’s mine
If i got to catch a bullet, ima be the first in line





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