Queen Isabelle — Nvm

Queen Isabelle — Nvm — lyrics





Sometimes, I wanna text you
Never mind
I type out the message, get ready to send it
But, no, never mind
I could talk about how I saw you out
But never mind
I could ask you how you don’t think of me now
Oh, never mind
I know you’re happy with her
Like we never were
But never mind


{Verse 1: VespOdd}
Baby, I love you
Oh wait, never mind
Thought you’d be with me all the time
But you’ve gone out of line
I kind of think it’s a sign
Maybe we should remove the ‘L’ from lover
And see someone else, not one another
You used to give me thrills
But now when I see you, I have chills
I don’t hate you, babe
But I don’t want to be this way
No, you don’t have nothin’ left to say
So, baby, maybe don’t stay


{Verse 2: VespOdd & Queen Isabelle}
I care! Never mind
I don’t care, our love is fake
Baby, I smell heartbreak
This relationship is more than we could both take
We’ll move on, go our separate ways
Because we waited for each other
On separate days
Yes, I mean it’s you I will replace
Not afraid to say it right to your face
A mistake (Our love is fake)
We need a break (Baby, heartbreak)
It’s for my sake (More than we could take)
Now, I’ll let you eat cake





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