Lune — Factory Fires / Funeral Pyre

Lune — Factory Fires / Funeral Pyre — lyrics






I’ve seen the ugliness of humanity
It sits at home and watches the world burn
Mass production
Mass consumption
Mass destruction
With our complacency
We dig our own graves


Dig your own grave


I’ve seen the ugliness of humanity
It sits at home and watches the world burn
As we watch the collapse
Through a television
What do I tell my child?
How do I save them?


How do I lie
To such innocence?
We could have saved our children
Instead we dug their graves
Guilt takes hold of me
As I find the words


Blood of my blood
I wish I had the answers
That I could say it will be okay
That tomorrow’s a nеw day
As I comfort you to sleep
I’m unsure I can keep this promise
When thе future looks so bleak


Sleep now child
Dream of the life you deserve
The one we failed to give


Mourn for the children that inherit the polluted earth
The factory fires
A funeral pyre
As we lower our children
To the poisoned earth


I can’t watch it burn


Bred to consume
Born to lose
How do I tell my children
They were born into a world
That’s doomed?


As I watch you gently lull off to sleep
I feel the heaviness of a promise I can’t keep
A lie, when all we could do to help fell on deaf ears


Ushering in the end of man
The end of man
Lower your children to the earth


We mourn as we lower our children into the earth
To the poisoned earth






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