Jovian — One Take

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You rap, that you’re running from the 5-0
But you’ve never lived a day of that life yo
When you wrote it, it must of been a typo
I used to hang around a girl who had nine toes
True story and some mother fucking true facts
That’s all your gonna get from this douche bag
And my ex-girlfriends are some true slags
Couldn’t take my own life, so had to hand the noose back
Cause it’s not my time to die
I know so many of you, are wondering why
A white guy, can be so fucking fly
It’s cause I’m the cool offspring, like a mother fucking butterfly
Thick thighs, apparently, save lives
That must mean slim ones end them
So come and take a look at my legs then
Before I murder your pussy of a best friend
Sick thoughts imma mother fucking head case
Carrying around, decapitation of your scared face
Nowhere to be found, cause its hidden in my suitcase
Flying around, yeah that’s what I call dead space
I sat at Clarke’s, hidden in the dark
Looking for some new kicks, start
To ignite the spark
Between me and your mum
She simps over this son
I Guess, hat’s why she calls me Bart
You cunt, compare to my wordplay
Like hitting third base
On the mother fucking first date
All of your dates, just end in the worst way
Dry conversation, leaves a bitch thirsty
Straight to the point, I’m direct like debit
As I enter the scene, you’ll be running for the exit
But you’ll fall off so hard
That you’ll faceplant the path
God damn, now that’s what I call a fucking head trip
Why do you keep disrespecting?
“Your too skinny!” but I’m not anorexic
“You talk to yourself!” but I’m not schizophrenic
“You spaz out!” well I am epileptic
Your girls a cheater, so
When I say it’s nice to meet her
I’m not talking about metric
Player two, has now entered the room
But unlike you, this is the only way that I’ll beat her
Stacking them up, I keep adding to my killstreak
Tactical nuke, about to leave the game empty
And when it’s done, she’ll be wanting more fun
So I call that girl Rosie, as she likes leaving with red cheeks
So All of the freaks, call in a UAV
My lap is her seat, it’s like it’s Christmas Eve
You can’t handle the heat, so I call you Mr freeze
I keep robbing from you, and that’s why you hate me
I feel sorry for you, cause you ain’t me
She calls me tiger, because I’m so tasty
I’m like a mirror, cause she looks at me daily
And I’ll leave a permanent mark, so you never can erase me
Like kid cudi, she calls me cutie
She got a lot of booty
Overseas, you can try to pursue me
Take your aim, but your never shoot me
Now there’s a mark on my head like lil Uzi


(one take)





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