FERUSCIO — B4 i Go — lyrics






I know everybody gotta deal with it
I don’t wanna hurt anyone whos feeling it
Coz i’m feeling it too, lucky that i lived and i’m glad to meet u
— when the day comes, wanna see laughter and pray
Coz i’m gonna see the answer that day, i just write what say. somewhere i hate? i don’t know till after the stay







I just wanna share the feelin
I know one day i’ll be leavin thats why
Sinasabe ko palagi sablay
Man di kailangang laging pantay
And if i’ve done no good, sometimes i’m rude
When i’m down always ruined your mood
Well i’m sorry for that, i mean i am sorry for that









Tipong di mo kaya tanggapin, napaluha sa harap ng salamin
Pero ok lang yan ok lang yan men

U can tell me everything if u want to, make an еndless tears
Happy that i got some friеnds and peers, family and everyone who helped and cheers, let me grab them beers







B4 i go, 4 i go
I just gonna let u know
Everything b4 i go

B4 i go , 4 i go
Gonna let u know
Told u that i love u y’all








Everyone will die, you and i, all of them but chill
U can now enjoy that kind of meal, tell me all the words that so sincere, never fear that

Now i’m here, talking bout that deal, what u bout to feel
Not about living forever, that’s real, but to make something that will








Sama kaba sakin? but i think need to pass the requirements
Do i need lot of hundred amens, don’t cry just smile it happened, pag lumameg ang hangin, malamang gusto lang na yakapin, mahaba haba din naman ang akin, mga palapag na gusto ko lakarin
Pasensya na, if i forgot something that i need to say
If i were u no doubt i’ll do the same, kung alam mo lang kung kailan you’ll hug me today, okay







Or give me a glance, everything will do except for a dance
Get me high till i fall like the france, saying this cause i still have a chance

Smile when it’s my time
Its gonna be fine
Remember me with just a

Before i go







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