Cloudwatch — Bleach Boy

Cloudwatch — Bleach Boy — текст песни





{verse 1}
When i was young
I would wish the sun would stay dead
I always wanted night in my head
I wish i could stay fed


Craving dead left and right
Don’t dream at all
Staying up all night
I guess this is the fall


I’m tired of this life
Livin just to miss
Fuck how can i keep going
I’m a breathing human risk


Judge your own kids
Don’t stare me down
Don’t be so quick to judge
When you’re a mother fuckin clown


{pre Chorus}
So what i hate the sun
So what you can see my veins
So what i’m so translucent
Casper is my name


So what i want to be pale
So what i love the dark
I’m a fuckin bleach boy all day
Bleach day in the park




Bleach boy
Bleach boy
Bleach boy
Bleach boy


{verse 2}
What is my state of mind
How could you be so kind
I saw you with my eyes
Now you’re stuck in my mind


Maybe i got this wrong
Maybe i need to change
My lungs are collapsing
There’s no light in my veins


I’m trying to escape
I’m so scared of the light
I’m trying to get better
I’m putting up a fight


I promise i’ll do better
I promise i’ll change
I’m so sorry for pushing you
Pushing you away


Remind me that is real cause you really got me dreaming
Since you came into my life
I can’t help but notice feelings


Better things at last
Better to be warm
How have i missed this
Caught in the cold storm


Please take my arm
Take my whole body too
Defrost my pale white heart
Please make me new


Want to be new
I want to love you
I’m so sorry
I let this happen
I never want to be cold again


Bleach boy
Bleach boy
Bleach boy
Bleach boy


I’m a bleach boy
Mother fuckin bleach boy
I’m a bleach boy
Mother fuckin bleach boy
I’m a bleach boy
Mother fuckin bleach boy
I’m a bleach boy
Mother fuckin bleach boy






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