Borealis — The Second Son

Borealis — The Second Son — lyrics





A hymn for all the lost
Forsaken souls
(Forsaken souls)
Tempted by the words of


You brought me here
You told me I’d save this world
(Become the second son)
They never told us we’re
Suffer through hell first


Hold on
I’m lying here wounds are still bleeding
Hold on
Beaten down and left me screaming
Save me
Please tell me I’m worth saving
And take me home


The days grow dark
I’m feeling cold
My wounds start to fester


Thе bleeding won’t stop
And I’m all alone
Somebody pleasе help me


Oh — We’ll never change this world
No matter what we suffer
It’s all in vain


I don’t know
If I’ll hold on
They’ve already drained
So much of me


I fear they’ve taken
Far too much
In search of what they believe


A false Messiah
The second son
A savior to cleanse the world


My withered state
I start to fade
My final drop escapes me


Hold on
I fade into eternity
A dark embrace
With death smiling back at me
Oh — And as I give me final breath I know
I’m not the second son






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